PLASTIC ARTISTCarmen Gloria Machuca


1986-1987 Intermediate Painting Workshop, Artists of Steel. Concepción, Chile.
1993-1994 . Painting Workshop, Talcahuano County Government, Chile.
1989 -1991 Workshops on Watercolor, Drawing, Portraits. Art Academy, University of Concepción, Chile.
2000 Workshop on Serigraphy. Art Academy, University of Concepción, Chile.
1999-2001 Graphic Publicity. DUOC-UC Institute, Chile.
2005 Specialization in Arts and Graphic. University of Chile, Santiago, Chile.

The artist plays with the infinite concept of the exterior space, everything that occurs outside of us that we do not know. Her work captures images/fiction and sensations that seek to be translated and re-expressed through color, density, and temperature. The visualness of her painting constitutes an interesting result which, more than figurative, returns to an abstract technique of oil on canvas, incorporating spots, dripping, and organic forms coming from spontaneous gestures, as well as incorporating more traditional elements coming from design and graphics. The subject almost always comes from a moment, it makes a transversal cut through an instant in which the sensation or image is perceived and from there, through drawings and notes, she creates and conceives each piece.

Relevant Exhibitions


1987 Collective Exhibition. Of Artists of Steel. Multi-salon of the Concepción County Government.
1994 Collective Exhibition. Talcahuano County Government Hall.
1995 Permanent Exhibition of Oils, Acrylics, Pastel and Watercolors. Montecatini Gallery, Concepción.
1997 Exhibition of “Three Young Artists of the Eighth Region” Montecatini Gallery, Concepción.
1998 Sixth MultiFair of Air. University of Bio Bio. Concepcion
1999 Collective Exhibition “Mystic of Our Roots” Montecatini Gallery. Concepcion.
2000 Participation in the Calendar of ENAGAS “Historical Moments” with the work “Global Village “, Chile.
2001 Collective Exhibition “45 x 45” Montecatini Gallery. Concepcion.Chile.
2003 “The Strength of Color” Montecatini Gallery. Concepción. Chile.
2004 Exhibition ” B -Sides ,Ilustrations” Alive Library ,Plaza Trebol Shopping Centre.Concepcion.Chile.
2005 Exhibition ” Dancers ”
2006 “Balloons”, collective show ,
2006 “I Inspire Myself….then I Paint”, collective exhibition,
2008 Solo exhibition, State of The Arts Gallery, Hong Kong.
2008 “Fever” , solo exhibition at
2008, “Contemporary Chilean Painting”, Imagen gallery, Panamá.
2009 “Art Beyond Borders” , collective exhibition, Artseni Gallery, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
2010 “Join the Dots” , individual show, art Gallery
2010 “CHACO Art Fair, Santiago, Chile.
2011 ” Coloured Abstraction ” Painting Exhibition 10 Apr -15 May State of the Arts Gallery, Hong Kong
2012 “Summer Stir ” Colective Painting Exibition ,August ,State of the Arts Gallery Hong Kong
2012 “Colorful” , solo show, November-December, Art Gallery, Santiago, Chile.



llustrator of books and educative material for the University of the
BioBio, Concepción,Chile.

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