PLASTIC ARTIST Fernando Toledo


Art workshop of Zenaida Díaz, Havana, Cuba
School of Plastic Arts, Havana, Cuba
San Alejandro Academy of Arts, Havana, Cuba
Master in Humanities, Art History Mention, Universidad del Desarrollo, Chile
(Currently Professor of Drawing, Faculty of Design, Universidad del Desarrollo / Professor of Art, project “talents” of the University of Concepción)

Cuban artist residing in Chile. I seek in my work, the vital force of color, pure and illuminated like the crystals of the old colonial churches that surrounded my childhood through the streets of Old Havana, (Cuba), touching on themes as current as nostalgia, loneliness or individual freedoms. I try to hope, the light investigating human and divine lands before and after, it is my life experience, my natural instinct, all embodied in women as a starting point, as the source of all creation, without a doubt a personal fascination. I am interested in how I walk spontaneity, passionate and free execution, figurative art, the carefree traces of the brush, choosing the line and color almost emulated from a stained glass window to sacralize the daily life represented, to elevate those small daily moments to the degree of sacred where we are really ourselves, without social pressures or formed self-image, as simple as life itself.

Relevant exhibitions

1990 – Collective, “Martínez Villenas” Library, Havana, Cuba
1992 – Collective, House of Culture, Old Havana, Cuba
1998 – Collective, Salesian Youth Center, Havana, Cuba
2000 – Workshop and collective exhibition, Universidad de La Salle, DF / Mexico
2005 – Workshop and group show, Salesian Youth Center, Havana, Cuba
2008 – Collective, Law School of the Pontifical Catholic University, Chile
2008 – Individual exhibition, Banco ITAU, Plaza Trébol, Concepción, Chile
2009 – Collective “Art Zone”, Piedra Molino Restaurant, Concepción, Chile
2009 – “Stories of Light” Solo Show, Rukalihuén Center, Concepción, Chile
2009 – International Fair “Expo Artistas”, Borges Cultural Center, Buenos Aires, Argentina
2010 – Solo Show, Café Libro Gallery, Concepción, Chile
2010 – Illustration of books: “Mental health in the school context” and “Welcome to the University” Universidad del Desarrollo.
2011 – MUSAS- individual painting exhibition, Gallery, Santiago, Chile.
2012 “They all wanted to be Princesses”, Equestrian Club, Cachagua, Chile.
2013 “They all wanted to be Princesses”, Los Dominicos Art Gallery, Santiago, Chile.

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